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    Individual Health & Vision Plans

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    Health Insurance - Plans for any age
We offer health insurance for individuals and families. We offer very rich plans that include doctor's office co-pays, prescription drug cards, and preventive services. We also have plans to help save on premiums that include Health Savings Accounts (HSA) high deductible plans.

Short Term Major Medical
These plans are designed to offer major hospitalization for a period of time from 30 days up to 180 days. This plan is good for people between jobs or out of work, if you are waiting for other coverage to begin, if you just finished school, if you are a student or no longer eligible under your parents plan, or if you have retired early. These plans generally offer a $1,000 to $10,000 deductible and are very reasonably priced since the benefits are limited to major medical. Please Note: These plans are not ACA Compliant and could be subject to fines due to the length of time on the plan.

Medicare Supplements
If you are on Medicare parts A & B, we offer Supplemental plans that help pay for some of the costs that Medicare doesn't cover. We also offer Medicare Part D, Prescription coverage as well as Medicare Advantage plans.

    Life Insurance - Term Life, Whole Life, & Universal Life for adults and children.
Term Life
Term Life is the most inexpensive of all life insurance options. Term Life will pay a pre-determined benefit upon your death. Neither the premium nor the face amount will ever change within your term; 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year terms available. If you have recently purchased a new policy or if you have had a policy for a while you still may be paying too much. If you have recently married, had a baby, moved into a new home, started a new job, or lost your job and the coverage you had through your employer, now is the time to re-evaluate your life insurance.

Whole Life & Universal Life
Whole Life is the most expensive because it has the most guarantees. The death benefit does not change and the premium is guaranteed, usually through age 100. Universal Life is like a term policy with an interest rate paid on the excess cash value. It builds cash value, but may require additional premium after a certain time to keep the policy in force.

    Dental Insurance - PPO & DHMO Products
DHMO Plans
DHMO plans are less expensive than traditional PPO plans. There are no waiting periods or pre-existing limitations. There are no deductibles or calendar year maximums. Each service is based off of a fee schedule. Cleanings are generally covered at 100%. These plans have a limited number of providers from which to choose.

PPO Type Plans
PPO plans are more expensive than DHMO plans, however they have an expanded network and will still allow you to see whichever dentist you choose. There are usually deductibles and annual maximums with these plans. Some plans have waiting periods but others waive waiting periods and even include orthodontics.

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