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Individual Insurance

Denny & Associates, Inc. assists individuals and families with all of their insurance needs.  From insuring your health, life, or even your paycheck, we can assist with it all.

  • Do you need Health insurance for your family?

  • Are you eligible for Medicare and in need of a supplement? 

  • Do you need Dental or Vision insurance? 

  • Do you need a Life insurance policy to protect your family if you should pass away? 

  • If you are injured or ill and unable to work, how will you pay your bills? 

  • If you need on-going assistance in a facility or even in your own home, how will you pay for it? 

  • Let our insurance specialists show you how!



Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance (Creditable and Comprehensive Health Insurance for those Under Age 65)


Medical plans are not a “one size fits all”.  An Insurance Specialist at Denny & Associates, Inc. will assist individuals and families in selecting a health plan that best suits your needs. 

We will evaluate and research your options, assist in the enrollment of your chosen plan, and provide assistance with questions and on-going issues throughout the year. 


Open Enrollment runs November 1st – January 15th. Enrollments completed by December 15th will take effect on January 1. Enrollments completed between December 16th - January 15th will have a February 1st effective date.  This is the only time that one can enroll in or change their health insurance throughout the year without a qualified “life event” such as loss of other coverage, marriage, divorce, birth of a child or adoption, etc.

Life Insurance

  • Need protection for your family in case of a tragedy? 

  • Can your loved ones continue their normal lifestyle?

  • Can they afford the mortgage? 

  • Pay the debt? 

  • Send the kids to college?


We specialize in all types of life insurance ranging from Term policies that are cheap but expire to permanent policies which can accumulate cash from interest earned.   Let our professionals assist you in protecting your loved ones.

Long Term Care Insurance

  • If you need help with daily living activities, who will care for you?

  • If you are unable to take care of yourself due to illness or injury, who will assist?

  • Will you need care in a facility or will you stay in your own home and require assistance?

Long Term Care insurance will provide coverage by paying for care when you may need it the most.  Let our professionals assist you with a plan to help subsidize your care in the event of an emergency without wiping out your entire family’s saving.

Dental Insurance

  • Want to cover your cleanings twice a year?

  • Do you have on-going issues that may require fillings, root canals, or even crowns?

  • What about orthodontics?


Dental visits not only keep your teeth looking pretty, oral exams can also detect a number of health issues before you are even aware.  Let us help find a plan to fit your needs and your budget.  

Vision Insurance

  • Have you had your eyes checked lately?

  • Do you need glasses or contacts? 

  • Do you need glasses and contacts in the same year?


Besides the need of corrective lenses for blurry vision, did you know that your eyes can be the windows to your health?  A routine eye exam can detect dozens of health problems.  Contact us today to enroll.

Short Term Major Medical Coverage (ages 19-64)

  • Miss out on Open Enrollment?

  • Between Jobs?

  • Need coverage for a short period of time?


Denny & Associates, Inc. can assist in evaluating if a short term major medical policy is right for you!  Costs are competitive but benefits are limited.  Let our professional consultants help you to understand your options.

Disability Insurance

  • How are you going to pay your bills if you get sick and miss work?

  • Will the bills get paid if you are injured and unable to do your job?

  • Can you pay your health insurance if you have no income?


Insure your paycheck!  Disability Insurance will cover a portion of your paycheck if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  Let our professionals assist you with income protection.

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